If you’ve arrived here, there IS an internet domain name that applies to you! Here at ‘TypeInDomainNames.com‘, we research and track-down targeted Domain names for business’ with unusually HIGH response rates.

You have to realize that the Internet is evolving into a layman’s environment, so now domain names are designed for easy search and retention. When you purchase one of our domain’s, it will instantly connect YOUR online resources to the general public by circumstance.

They’re known as ‘Type-in’ domain names* and have high ROI proven by Google Adwords data, so this means easier deployment by customer and instant delivery to you. It’s a WIN-WIN situation for everyone involved!

*Type-in’ domain names: Amazingly, lots of people will type-in exactly their search phrase into the address bar and finish with a ‘.com’. So rather than using a search engine like Google, Bing, etc. looking to ‘buy a car’, for example, they go to the browser and enter ‘buyacar.com’.

It’s hard to quantify how often this happens, but entire online business’ have been built upon this occurrence!

The following are examples of ‘Type In Domain Names’:


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